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Flownetix Remote Reading

Flownetix technology gives you more than a flow reading!

The Flownetix® flowengine technology continuously analyses the flow application and its own internal systems in order to provide optimal performance regardless of the liquid, ambient and internal conditions. This data is available to the user or utility through the integral connector of the 300series or the 100series cable at any time.

This data can be read by a remote reading system; the interface protocol is very simple and can be read by any device with the simplest of inbuilt microcontrollers. AMR equipment companies that would like to receive details of the protocol should contact partners@flownetix.com.

You can see real data being read now by going to http://www.flownetix.com/live.

What data is available?

Depending on the particular meter family in use, the following information is available:

  • Meter serial number
  • Meter type
  • Meter reading
  • Current flow rate
  • Peak flow rate
  • Current timestamp
  • Peak flow timestamp
  • Seconds of forward flow
  • Seconds of reverse flow
  • Seconds of air only
  • Battery status
  • Non-volatile data validity
  • Meter readings for the last 12 months
  • Factory calibration settings
...and much more, with flexibility for customisation to customer requirements.

How can the data be retrieved?

The data can be extracted from the unit using:

  • Flownetix 300pad inductive touchpad for the 300series
  • Third party AMR systems
  • Flownetix direct reading tools
More details on these options are given below.

Inductive touchpad for 300series

A simple inductive touchpad for direct connection to a 300series Consumer Water Meter for remote reading.

Inductive touchpad for 300series

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Third party AMR solutions

Coming soon, a variety of AMR solutions from providers interfacing to Flownetix products.

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300series USB reader

An adapter to download data from the 300series meters.

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100series USB reader

An adapter to download data from the 100series meters.

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Part numbering

To get a correct part number, select the options below to configure your meter:

Product family: