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Flownetix 300 series

Unique, the world's first fully electronic water meter at a price comparable to mechanical meters.

Flownetix 300 series

Water revenue metering around the world is often problematic in that discontinuous water supply and intermittent pumping causes significant quantities of air to become entrained into the supply lines to the extent that mechanical meters frequently experience air only flow.

With conventional meters this results in over registration of water volumes, reduced life of meters and likely incorrect customer billing.

In order to solve these issues, there is a demand for meters which are more tolerant of prevailing conditions than conventional mechanical meters. The 300 series is such a meter.

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Flownetix Remote Reading

Flownetix technology gives you more than a flow reading!

The Flownetix® flowengine technology continuously analyses the flow application and its own internal systems in order to provide optimal performance regardless of the liquid, ambient and internal conditions. This data is available to the user or utility through the integral connector of the 300series or the 100series cable at any time.

This data can be read by a remote reading system; the interface protocol is very simple and can be read by any device with the simplest of inbuilt microcontrollers. AMR equipment companies that would like to receive details of the protocol should contact partners@flownetix.com.

You can see real data being read now by going to http://www.flownetix.com/live.

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Flownetix 100 series

The non-invasive ultrasonic flowmeter developed for low cost applications using innovative ultrasonic technology

Flownetix 100 series

Traditionally the high cost of non-invasive flow meters has limited their use in non-process applications. But now things have changed. Thanks to the Flownetix 100 series, you can achieve full flow monitoring at a fraction of the cost of current non-invasive meters.

The Flownetix 100 series uses unique, innovative, ultrasonic technology that can be installed in any system. The meter contains no moving parts so it won't clog or jam. Contaminated liquids won't cause it to fail either, so you're guaranteed total reliability time and again.

For first-class performance at a highly competitive price, choose the Flownetix 100 series - your measure of success.

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